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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Sermon Topic - Sunday January 8, 2006

Topic: Perspective / Faith
Summary: This message will focus on the power of faith in the context of setting goals for our personal life. It will discuss how Faith comes into how we look at our circumstances.
Biblical Context: The 12 spies going into the Promise Land, David and Goliath


  • At 9:23 PM, Blogger Team Leader said…

    - Optical Illusions like "Old Lady / Young Lady" and your perspective determines what you see
    - A "He said / she said" skit where resulting in different people's perspective of a certain story
    - A skit where different people see a certain event and they each give their perspective on what they say, possible being completely different based on who or what they are
    - Going off the David and Goliath visual perspective: have 2 people as a display of doing something where one is dressed like a professional yet knows nothing about the profession and the other person dressed in swag yet is an expert at the profession
    (Example) John McBride is a pilot, have him dressed in street clothes and someone else who knows nothing about flying dressed in a Air Force suit or soemthing and have the audience chose who they would want to fly a plane - the result being John is the actual pilot

    Movie Clips
    - iRobot where Will Smith is chasing down the robot who has the lady's purse because he thought the robot was stealing it, yet the robot was actualy getting the lady's inhaler
    - Ebbert and Roeper who are 2 experts on movies yet they constantly disagree on how good the movie is


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