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Friday, December 30, 2005

Sermon Topic - Sunday January 29, 2006

Topic: Protecting your goals
Summary: This message will be a "rubber meets the road" sermon about the opposition that comes when you set goals in your life and what we need to do to protect the goals that we set for our lives.
Biblical Context: Abraham


  • At 11:03 AM, Blogger Team Leader said…

    - Using saranwrap, tupperware and a vacuum seal to illustrate how you protect your food
    : How much you value something
    will determine to what level
    you protect it
    - What do we do with our valuables: bank, vaults, safes, alarm systems
    - Things used to protect:
    Car wax - paint
    Sunscreen - skin
    Valut/Bank - money
    - Protecting your goal in sports:
    It is the goalie and defenders
    job to protect you from reaching
    the goal
    - David & Goliath and Saul's armor

    - Battle of the Bands where throughout the movies they are protecting each other
    - Spiderman II where the people on the train told Doc Oc that they had to go through them to get to Spiderman
    - Mighty Ducks I where they dress the goalie up in all the gear for protecting, but it was almost too much and limited his ability to do what he was supposed to


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