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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Sermon Topic - Sunday January 15, 2006

Topic: God's plan for your life vs. your plan for you life
Summary: This message will talk about the power of letting God's goals direct your life instead of stepping out and making your own decisions. It will talk about areas in our life that keep us from listening to God and prevents us from setting personal goals.
Biblical Context: Ishmael and Isaac


  • At 9:29 PM, Blogger Team Leader said…

    - Personal Testimonies of people who either followed their own will in life instead of God or followed God's will and the result
    (Example) I thought I was going to marry the captain of the cheerleading squad and Teresa thought she was going to marry a musician and God OBVIOUSLY had different plans for us
    - Pastor Sarah's story about when she was on a plane with the kids and had to do an emergency landing. How the stewardess was screaming over and over the instruction of putting your head between your legs and they had to block out everything else that was going on and focus in on the one voice - the stewardesses
    - The blind fold example of brining someone into a room with a blind fold and having the audience distract them, yet 1 voice trying to direct them to do something
    - Along the same lines as the point above, have 3 bowls of food up front and have someone blind folded and have the audience give them direction on which bowl to eat - many distraction
    - Thomas Mohr's skit: Have the preacher actually start their sermon and then have all these little distraction in the sanctuary that distract the speaker from their sermon illustrating how they take control of the situation to stay on target of the goal of preaching, which is what God wanted, not to focus on all the distractions


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