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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Sermon Topic - Sunday January 22, 2006

Topic: Fear
Summary: This message will talk about how fear can keep us from our goals in life. It will illustrate how fear can play a huge role in keeping us from achieving the things God has for us.
Biblical Context: TBD


  • At 10:56 AM, Blogger Team Leader said…

    - Red Rover game where people have the letters F. E. A. R. on them and they prevent people from getting to the other size which is God's promises
    - Some barricade, possibly a large piece of paper, that lists people's fears. Also poll the audience and add fears to the barricade. Possibly have people or someone break through at the end
    - A super hero known as "Fear Man". Possible use him to break through the barricade where he cant break through at the beginning of service but as he gets revelation of the sermon, he is able to break through at the end.

    Movie Clips
    - Batman Begins where Batman talks about his initial fear of bats and how he overcame it and what it now does to his enemies
    - Rocky III where Rocky is on the beach with Adrian and he talks about his fears
    - What About Bob where Bob talks about all his differnet phobias and fears
    - Wizard of Oz with the cowardly lion


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