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Friday, December 30, 2005

Sermon Topic - Sunday February 5, 2006

Topic: Goals recap
Summary: This message will recap the messages for the month of January dealing with focus. It will reemphasize the monthly theme of "Hearing from God", "Moving towards His Will" and "Removing obstacles to Success".
Biblical Context: Abraham


  • At 11:08 AM, Blogger Team Leader said…

    - Using people who were handed the world in life and blew it all away Ex: Dick York(Bewitched), Marice Clarette(OSU football)
    - On the flip side, using illustrations of people who tried several times and something and failed and then finally succeded
    Ex: Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison
    - Being a doer of the word and not just hearer
    - The benefit of honoring the nation of Israel

    - Temptations where the guy that made the temptations famous was kicked out because of his drugs and alcohol problem (didnt protect his gift)
    - Forest Gump where Forest was running and the T-Shirt guy came up to him and got the smiley face slogan
    - HudSucker Proxy with the creation of the hoola hoop


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