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Welcome to the ORCC Ideas Team Blog. Here you will find the topics for upcoming sermon and outreach activities. Please provide any creative ideas you may have that might help enhance how the sermon or activity is presented.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Sermon Topic - Sunday February 19th, 2006

Topic: Human's response to God's love
Summary: This message will discuss how man interperts God's love throughout the course of his life. It will talk about what we really mean when we say "I love you".
Biblical Context:TBD

Sermon Topic - Sunday February 12th, 2006

Topic: Origin of Love (God's love)
Summary: This message will talk about the origin of love. It will define what God's love truly means. The message will lay the foundation for the love series titled "Love Gives"
Biblical Context: TBD

Friday, December 30, 2005

Sermon Topic - Sunday February 5, 2006

Topic: Goals recap
Summary: This message will recap the messages for the month of January dealing with focus. It will reemphasize the monthly theme of "Hearing from God", "Moving towards His Will" and "Removing obstacles to Success".
Biblical Context: Abraham

Sermon Topic - Sunday January 29, 2006

Topic: Protecting your goals
Summary: This message will be a "rubber meets the road" sermon about the opposition that comes when you set goals in your life and what we need to do to protect the goals that we set for our lives.
Biblical Context: Abraham

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Sermon Topic - Sunday January 22, 2006

Topic: Fear
Summary: This message will talk about how fear can keep us from our goals in life. It will illustrate how fear can play a huge role in keeping us from achieving the things God has for us.
Biblical Context: TBD

Sermon Topic - Sunday January 15, 2006

Topic: God's plan for your life vs. your plan for you life
Summary: This message will talk about the power of letting God's goals direct your life instead of stepping out and making your own decisions. It will talk about areas in our life that keep us from listening to God and prevents us from setting personal goals.
Biblical Context: Ishmael and Isaac

Sermon Topic - Sunday January 8, 2006

Topic: Perspective / Faith
Summary: This message will focus on the power of faith in the context of setting goals for our personal life. It will discuss how Faith comes into how we look at our circumstances.
Biblical Context: The 12 spies going into the Promise Land, David and Goliath

Sermon Topic - Sunday January 1, 2006

Topic: Scopes - Telescope/Glasses/Microscope
Summary: This message will be about the importance of "the vision". It will be a message on hearing from God focusing on the "Hear, Move and Remove" theme for the month. There will be an emphasis on the fact we all have personal things we deal with and are dealing with in life that hinders our future. The question is not IF we deal with these personal issues but HOW we are doing to deal with them.
Biblical Context: Exodus 3 and Moses

Series Theme - 40 Days of Focus

For the 5 Sundays in January and the 1st Sunday in February, we will be doing a series labled "40 Days of Focus - Hear, Move and Remove". The main points will be:
1. Hear from God
2. Moving towards HIs Will
3. Removing obstacles to Success